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The Relocation Center® began operations in 1993. We initially specialized in household goods move management for corporate clients and affinity groups. As our clients requested more services, we quickly evolved into a full-service relocation company. Today, we are the largest and longest-lasting Louisiana based relocation company, and we provide the following global relocation services: home buying and selling; various home buyout options, temporary housing, household goods move management, expense management and reporting, policy development, mortgage assistance, orientation services, and consulting services.

We attempt to institute our philosophy of “…relocation made simple” into everything we do. Even jobs that are more complex from a “behind the scenes” standpoint should be made less complex to the client. From our new logo, to our completely revised web site, with our client interaction, online tracking and iPhone Application, all is designed with the idea of “…relocation made simple”. Over a year ago, we completely evaluated all processes, proposals, fee schedules, marketing material, web site, written and verbal communication and more in order to become as efficient and easy to understand to our clients. The end result is a smoother transition for your employees, less red tape and complications for our client’s human resource and accounting departments and overall greater customer satisfaction.