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Moving Company Assistance Program

What if you could offer all of the services your competition offers? What if you could even offer the same services as relocation companies? What if you could do this without increasing your staff and overhead? This can be a reality NOW through our Prestige Account Relocation PAR + Solutions.

For years relocation companies and van lines have come in and gained accounts because they offered full service relocation services. Now, you can offer all those same services and more to your existing and potential clients… at super competitive rates!

You still maintain complete control of your account and 100% of the revenue on all household goods moves. Behind the scenes, we assist with 3rd party relocation services… like home buyout, corporate housing, expense management, relocation tax assistance and anything else your client may need. We sign a non-compete/non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement to give you added piece of mind.

At The Relocation Center (TRC), we understand the complex needs and adjustments when relocating employees. We have a track record of providing outstanding service to moving companies and their clients and have been in business for over 20 years. TRC partners with moving companies throughout the country and internationally to outsource our services.


At a time when every dollar counts, TRC is your solution for earning additional revenue. Call us today to find out how you can sign up for our unique program!

70% More Revenue

  Origin Home Sale $210*
  Destination Home Sales $210*
  Corporate Housing $80**
  Expense Management $50
  Total Additional Revenue $550
  Average HHG Gross Profit $800
  Total Revenue $1350

*Based on home sale of $200,000

**Based on two months of corporate housing

For More information about this program please contact:

Greg Bonaventure


Miles Higgins