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Real Estate Tips
The Relocation Center is also a full-service real estate company. However we operate very differently from most. Since three quarters of all relocation costs are real estate based, our goal is for your corporation to have as little financial involvement as possible, while satisfying your employees needs. We deal directly with your individual employee to assist them with their real estate needs and, in most cases, with no additional cost to your company.

Real Estate Assistance provided to your employee at no cost to you:

  • Listing Service
  • Buyers Agent / Exclusive Buyers Agent
  • Market Analysis
  • Mortgage Program Service
  • Title Service Referral
  • Home Inspection Services
  • Closing Services
  • Welcome/Relocation Packets

You can save your employees’ time and money by letting them take advantage of The Relocation Center's vast array of resources. At The Relocation Center, we understand that communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful relocation. An experienced relocation assistant will make sure all their real estate needs are satisfied.

Please call The Relocation Center at 800-733-0930 or email at realestate@relocatoncenter.com.

Buyers Agent / Exclusive Buyers Agent

This is a very important service for the potential home buyer. Most consumers are neither aware nor understand buyers agents. A buyers agents legal responsibility is "to the buyer." This is in stark contrast to a normal real estate agent. The everyday agents true and legal responsibility is "to the seller," even if they are helping the buyer find a house. It is also their responsibility to get the best price for the seller, not the buyer. At no additional cost you can have a real estate professional be your personal advisor, consultant, and negotiator to represent your best interest by letting us put you in touch with a buyers agent.

Exclusive Buyers Agents offer the following services:

  • Agree in writing to represent the best interest of the home buyer
  • Advise of the pros and cons of different homes and areas of the city
  • Show all the housing possibilities necessary to finding the right home
  • Provide a professional opinion of the actual cash value of a home
  • Help negotiate the best price for the home chosen
  • Assist in closing and other matters pertinent to the home purchase

Testimonial by Tex Lower
National Relocation Services Coordinator
U.S. Department of Transportation

"The Exclusive Buyer Agent program provided by Agents for Buyers Network has assisted your peers for over two years saving them and DOT thousands of dollars in their home purchase quest."

Testimonial by Lois A. Bell
Commandant US Coast Guard Headquarters
Washington, D.C.

"The course provided sufficient information that I can approach potential home purchasers with data to alert them—they will be at risk if not having a Buyer's Agent..."

Testimonial by Ann Branch
Personnel Management Specialist
Federal Transit Administration

"This service will make a much easier transition for relocating employees..."